Are Omega slow juicer worth the money? 10 things you should know

Are Omega slow juicers worth the money? The Omega slow juicer has been known to dominate the global market, even up to now. It is considered the “holy grail” of all slow juicers because of its great reviews from different consumers worldwide. 

The only thing holding people back from availing of this product is that it seems “too pricey” for them.

Besides the fact that the Omega slow juicer costs more than other juicers, let us say about 150 to 300 dollars per unit; why do most people still choose to have one of these over cheaper brands? Are omega juicers worth the money?

This article aims to discuss the features of Omega slow juicers in the hope of enlightenment as to why they are priced at a higher rate compared to other brands. After this discussion, it is expected that you will determine whether or not this brand is worth it at all. 

So, without further ado, here are the things that you should need to know about regarding the Omega slow juicer:

Why is Omega slow juicers worth the money? 10 Things you need to know!

1. It produces drier pulp, resulting in more juice.

If the pulp left in the container is dry, it means that all of its juice has been extracted pretty well. You may not notice it, but this is uncommon, especially for centrifugal juicers. In comparison, these machines operated through centrifugation leave wet pulps most of the time, therefore not giving you the amount of juice that you should be receiving out of your fruits and vegetables. 

It may not look like much, but you are not making the most out of your purchase because of the wasted juices. Always remember how every juice drop counts!

2. Juicing is known to help strengthen your immune system.

In case you do not know, cold press juicing is one of the best ways to obtain enzymes and antioxidants needed by your body to boost your immune system. These substances are known to promote further nutrition utilizing promoting or stimulating the necessary functioning of cellular components in our body. 

In turn, this action then enhances the response of our immune system against different pathogens or harmful organisms that make their way into the body to infect target cells. Of course, we do not want any of these to occur.

If “prevention is better than cure” is a product, it comes in the form of the Omega slow juicer.

3. It juices green, leafy vegetables very well.

Yes, juices can be extracted from green, leafy vegetables. All you need is the perfect equipment that can juice them. Whether it is kale, spinach, microgreens, or even wheatgrass, you are allowed to have great expectations because this slow juicer will not fail you. 

It squeezes so effectively that even this specific type of crop will not be put to waste. If such leafy greens are placed in other types of juicers, the yield will be much lower, especially on those that work at very high speed. 

Everything is just a matter of knowing which one works best for the job.

4. Omega slow juicer operates on high power at a relatively low speed.

Because the Omega slow juicer works at a relatively lower speed compared to other juicing machines, it has the advantage of being able to minimize unwanted contact with excess air. 

If you are curious about why this is necessary, it is because less air contact is guaranteed to reduce the occurrence of foam and boost the health value of the juice. 

On the other hand, the juicer operates on high power because it helps deliver an excellent quality of juice output, which is something that we are all aiming for when it comes to deciding on what juicer to have. 

If your juicing machine performs the same delivery, you know that you have made the right choice.

5. Omega slow juicer is easy to use.

Juicing is way easier than you think it is. All you have to do is plug it in, turn its power on, then start putting in your fruits and vegetables. You do not even have to worry about assembling it because it always has a manual alongside it, and its corresponding parts are not small enough to be easily lost. 

Bigger parts meant less difficulty in the slow juicer’s cleaning process, too. The fact that the Omega slow juicer is dishwasher safe is another bonus at hand. 

If you need to take your juicer somewhere else, there is nothing to worry about since disassembling it is just as easy as its assembly.

6. Omega slow juicer comes with a warranty.

Of course, it is given that you will be worried that your newly bought Omega slow juicer may need some repairs in the near future. It can be in the form of having its plug-in wire nipped by rats, accidentally dropping some parts causing it to affect its overall function, or other damages obtained when delivering, which is seldom to happen in most cases. 

To help you with such problems, Omega products come with warranties, varying per each model launched. For customers residing in the United States of America or Canada, most slow juicers come with a warranty of 10 to 15 years concerning their parts and performance. 

On the other hand, Omega patrons coming from different areas will have a warranty of one year for the same problems regarding their machine parts and performance.

7. Omega slow juicer produces less operating noise.

One of the typical concerns consumers have regarding juicers is about their noise whenever they are in use. Lucky for you, in comparison with centrifugal juicers known for making loud noises due to their very high speed, slow juicers are often the opposite regarding this matter. 

Yes, the Omega slow juicer has customized its juicer motor so that its overall functionality is not directly proportional to the sound it produces. Less speed means less noise, without the quality having to degrade along with it. 

It is like being able to juice your fruits and vegetables of choice more peacefully, but with even better juice quality. No one is losing in a bargain like this, alright.

8. Omega juicer’s quality is set to standards of professional level.

The good news, you can stop buying pre-made fruits and vegetable juices in your local grocery stores now! You can achieve the same quality of store-bought juice that you would generally have on your shopping days with Omega slow juicers, maybe even better. 

It has been proven and tested by users worldwide, even experts who only choose to have high-quality juice out of the finest produce. No wonder the Omega slow juicer is dominating the global market up to date. 

So, why settle for less when you could always go one step further to take your juice consumption to a whole new level?

9. Omega slow juicers produces less foam.

You might have noticed how fast working machines tend to give you a lot of foam on top of your glass of juice. This is no accident since the foam is more of aftermath from many air bubbles forming as they do what they are supposed to do. 

This is because while performing at such a given speed, the air is continuously being incorporated, and the resulting exposure is what gives you that kind of output. 

On the other hand, because the Omega slow juicer works at a different speed, this matter is less likely to occur in greater volume. 

The low speed performed by this juicer allows less contact with air, thus lessening the overall production of foam, which is something you do not appreciate when trying to enjoy your favorite fruit and vegetable juice.  

10. Juicing enables you to achieve maximum nutrition.

You are deciding what healthy food to eat for the day can be quite challenging most of the time. It all comes down to how you can sustain your daily nutritional needs without having to overeat food. 

Digestion of what you eat is another part of the story. Through juicing, you will get to have all the nutrients your body will need without waiting for them to be processed in the body for a certain period. 

And because it is the Omega slow juicer, you will be having every last drop of your produce, leaving the pulp very dry. Talk about maximum nutrition, no more worries!

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