Can you make juice without a juicer?

So, you want to make juice without a juicer? This is an interesting question, and most probably, you already know the answer…

Nonetheless, we are going to give you the answer you are looking for…

I’m a huge fan of freshly made juice, and it’s been around since I can remember. I believe it’s a great way to start the day and a fantastic way to keep a healthy lifestyle.

This love for juice has led me to ask myself if I can make juice without a juicer or should I buy one to access a wider variety of juicing options.

I’ll let you know in the next lines how that went, but the result was very positive and, in many ways, life-changing.

I’ve been doing my own thing for a while, cutting and preparing fruit to create simple, however tasty juices at home, but they never seem to reach the fantastic taste and texture of juices that I buy in cafes that have actual juicers.

I tried a variety of fruit, more or less water, more or less pulp, but to be honest, the result was always somewhat disappointing.

Fair enough, they were still tasty and healthy options, far better than anything I could buy in a supermarket. Always, it seemed like the juicer machine had a secret that I was missing out on and making the difference between acceptable juice and a fantastic one.

I believed it was time to do some research, and I got my hands on it, looking up ways to improve on my healthy lifestyle and how freshly made juice could help me get there.

I was looking to have a proper nutrient from juices without having to go through vitamin supplements or weird diets.

I wanted to make sure I was doing a positive change and adopting a behavior that was more linked to the old days when people used to buy fresh produce instead of buying everything in bottles or packets – usually expendable plastic ones.

My change was going to be meaningful, and as simple as it may seem, this love for juice ended up having a significant impact on my choices.

However, was the way I was preparing my juice at home the best possible one?

Chopping pieces, peeling pieces, making a mess on the kitchen for a couple of cups of happiness? Yes, it was still worth it, but the result was just not as incredible as I wanted it to be, and I knew there had to be a better way.

Can you make juice without a juicer?

First of all, yes, you can make juice without a juicer or a mixer.

We’ve all been there at some point in life, but it won’t get you that far if you’re in it for diversity and for the positive change you expect.

Citruses are easy to squeeze, with orange juice being the most obvious choice. Chop some oranges and squeeze them patiently by hand, or using a simple plastic juicer can only give you a couple of options for your fruit juice delight.

It’s time-consuming, and more often than not, you’ll make that big of a mess in the kitchen. You’re limited to preparing all that fruit and squeeze it yourself. Sure, it works, and it’s a natural way to get it done.

Nothing wrong with that, but at the same time, you’ll pass on the chance to add more consistent fruits, herbs, and grasses with high yield.

I’m in it to ensure my diet is balanced and rich in vitamins and nutrients, and a couple of fruits will only get you so far.

Having a juicer can add up to your detox process and will be able to process things that you simply can’t do by hand or with that small plastic juicer.

I’ve considered investing in a juicer, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
First of all, they’re not as expensive as I imagined.

I got a slow juicer that employs a cold-press process. It retains lots of nutrients compared to common centrifuging.

Besides, I can pop the bins and parts in my dishwasher when I’m done and think no more about it for the rest of the day.

Have a look anywhere online, and you’ll be impressed by how cheap you can get these life-changing machines.

I rarely ever had time to prepare my fruits to juice them, and now all it takes is a couple of seconds, and I’m served with excellent quality juice that is, you guessed it, as good or better than the ones I used to get at the local store.

And yes, much cheaper and much more to my taste.

How did you make juice without a mixer, you may ask and very well.

Well, I usually went on to cut some oranges and squeeze them using a simple squeezer juicer. If I felt like improving on it, I’d use a simple blender to get a few other fruits in there — any fruits.

Pineapple, strawberries, cranberries, banana, apple, and whichever fruits I believed were of fresh origin and smelled/looked good.

The process was usually a big juicy mess in my kitchen, and the results not quite what I expected.

The issue is that most of the time, I ended up creating a smoothie rather than an actual juice. Excess pulp, excess water, an excess mess. It’s harder to balance than you’d expect at first.

Proper juicers have the advantage of processing fruit the way you want it with the plus of you being able to diversify and create detox wonders that can add up anything else that you’d never be able to squeeze or juice yourself.

Its focuses on all the good stuff your body needs and gets rid of the rest. In that sense, it’s a technological wonder that can quickly become your best friend.

While we’re at the detox subject, I will share a thought with the rest of you.

I always noticed on movies, and tv shows that some people would put celery on their fresh juices. That intrigued me as I like celery, but it wasn’t always obvious how to use it since I only had my manual juicer or my blender.

I believe celery adds a great taste to my detox juices nowadays, but the issue that I had before was:

Can I make celery juice without a proper juicer?

Well, yes! You can indeed, but not the kind of juice you’ll expect or look forward to. You can blend it until it looks like a pasty smoothie and adds some water, which most likely you’ll need.

The issue is that by adding water, you’ll get this diluted drink that has nothing to do with the flavor-rich texture you probably expect.

Here enters the juicer. It will be able to blend celery without adding any water, getting you the best of every single nutrient, and its flavor as expected without having to try and balance it out yourself – usually with very little success.

Juicers can be your best friend when it comes to improving the quality of life you want but are usually unsure about how to get it.

It’s a small machine that sits on the corner of your kitchen and invites you to be creative by throwing in there as many fruits as you feel necessary.

Top it up with some celery, some fresh herbs from the garden, and you’ll be amazed by the result.

You’ll soon notice as I have that you are energized and looking forward to facing the day. Your body looks better; your weight will appreciate it, your skin and hair will feel the improvement.

You’ll feel better and happier with such a small change in your daily life.

I’m sure some of you in the same way I used to, think that the easiest way is to run to the store and buy a packet of good old “natural” and “fresh” juice.

Let me assure you it’s not the same thing.

Not even the same ballpark, as the only thing they share, is the fact that they’re in a liquid state and share a name.

Everything else to its taste, vitamins, nutrients, fiber, sugars, quality, and the effects on your body couldn’t be further apart.

As a personal note, make sure you don’t consume excess juice as some scientific studies point to the fact that the excess consumption of these – such as any excess consumption of anything – can have a downside on your health.

The fact that fresh juice is stripped from part of its fiber that you encounter in the actual fruit itself means that its absorption on the body will be much faster, leading to spikes in sugar – that’s natural sugar or fructose for you – and, with time and intensive consumption can lead to the development of some type of Diabetes.

Rest assured, you’ll be in far, far worse hands if you trust the juice you buy in the supermarket or, even worse, any type of processed drinks for that matter such as sodas and drinks that contain gas and excess sugars or sweeteners.

Take in mind that all sugars in fruits and vegetables are natural ones.

Sugars, nevertheless, but their effects on the body are exceptionally different from the ones that are chemically present.

If you look at your homemade juice as part of a balanced, creative, and diverse diet, then you have nothing to worry about except the fact that you’ll need to occasionally run to the store to get more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Just as with anything, keep a balanced approach to it.

You don’t need more than your daily dosage, and it’s easy to track your progress as well as diversify enough to attenuate any excesses that you may occasionally commit – such as cutting down on the sugar levels by using vegetables on your juice that will keep them controlled.

At the same time, you’ll be taking the focus off the industrialized and processed manufacture of “fresh” products and focus on the real, healthy ones.

You may even support your local commerce by shopping in your area for the freshest products you want.

I’ve been doing it for a while, and I can promise you that nothing beats the small fruit store in our area.

In the same way, I planted a few fruit trees a while back that has started to produce some of the best tastings and smelling fruit I’ve ever had since I was a child.

Buying a juicer helped change my lifestyle in a more profound way than I expected as I always assumed an appliance was a mere machine to assist me with a task.

Instead, this one helped me change my habits at the same time; it helped me feel better and get the kind of healthy diet I deserved.

As to where you can get your juicer, I’d recommend having a look in your local shops as well.

Since you’re embarking on an adventure of self-improvement and a healthy lifestyle, your local store can give you hints on what to expect from your new juicer as there are so many options out there, and only you can tell what to expect from it.

In the same sense, your local commerce is usually linked to local producers, getting the best fruit into your hands.

This fruit is generally fresher, and it didn’t spend most of its time being transported between cold chambers until you bought it.

Think of the time you’ll save preparing your healthy wonders.

Think of the money you’ll save as the machine will ensure all the best bits are used and not wasted. Think of the pleasure you’ll get out of it when you start tasting your first freshly made juices.

The options are also endless, and if you’re reading this, chances are you can as easily browse online for hundreds of fantastic recipes and mixtures that you haven’t even thought of yet.

It’s no surprise that some of the top athletes in the world are so happy with a lifestyle that sees them create their juices containing fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices.

You can get very specific results with specific mixes.

It’s an easy, fast, cheap way to get the healthiest result for your diet.

I soon noticed I was more energized, slept better, had better humor at work, more availability to exercise, I feel much better, and I never lost so much weight naturally as I have since I started this little adventure.

My whole way of living will surely changed dramatically.

I now look forward to that time of the day, where I throw my fresh options into the machine and get its excellent juice on the other side.

My local grocery owner already knows me by my name and is continuously making conversation about this subject to the point where I believe I’ve convinced him to buy a juicer as well.

When my friends and family started telling me I looked better and had a constant positive vibe, I “blamed the blender” and said to them that it was all down to this juicer I got.

Fair enough that some of them raised their eyebrow – probably as some of you may have just now -, but it’s factual that it has changed my life and the life of anyone I know that’s embarked on this option.

We all want to do something positive for ourselves and the World, and the fact is that by consuming this specific type of product, you’re also creating relief on resources that are excessively explored.

At the same time, you’re collecting the benefits of what a healthy lifestyle represents and its philosophy of consuming more fruit, more vegetables, and hydrate more. All in one!

I can only hope you understand that change is in your hands.

Buying a piece of machinery that will change your life seems too farfetched, but let me assure you that the machine is only a means of getting you to open yourself to a more convenient, easy, and healthy lifestyle.

The alternatives are vast, and the results are fast.

Your body will never have felt that great, and I assure you, it’s addictive. Just as with anything else, don’t overdo it. Keep an eye on balance, but start your day with something that will make you feel brand new every day.

Wrapping Up

As days and months go by, whatever money you paid for your juicer will be long forgotten.

You’ll be as if best friends on a mission to a healthier, more sustainable, and pleasurable life.

You may believe that you can juice without a juicer, but should you get one, you’ll be delighted with the result.

The only regret I have is to have taken so long to assume this change. Now that I have, it all seems too obvious. Juicers can change your life for the better.

Waste no time if you feel like you need a positive change in your life. This one can save it, and you’ll come out on the other side, an improved and better version of yourself.

Gary Flores

Hi there! I started juicing fruits plus vegetables a few years ago to encourage our kids to drink healthy juices everyday! I'm enjoying the process of juicing and learning more important benefits along the way! I created to share my experience with people who wants to know more about juicing!

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